Camp adventures part I: settling in

I have embarked on a new journey this summer that is a break from my usual daily pattern. I accepted the position of Wrangler for the YMCA summer camp known as Camp Echo. The wrangler is otherwise known as the equine program coordinator.  I am running their horse program, caring for 17 horses and have a staff of 5. It is quite the adventure.  I arrived on monday evening and will be here until august 27, along with Doc. Samuel will join me next weekend.

Thus far we have been in training.  Much like myself, most of my staff is here for the first time. We spent the first two days split between doing maintenance and repair work, or riding our horses in the woods trying to learn the trails here. The work was hard, but the riding was fun. My staff are wonderful and we are building a good relationship already.

Today, our camp horses arrived. We got 14 horses today in addition to the 3 staff horses that we all brought with us. It started off well enough,  though Doc and one other were getting chased a good deal. Things appeared to be settling, Doc had found a friend,  and all looked well. But after dinner, I found Doc covered in welts and standing alone. He is have some adjustment pains! We separated him and one other horse for the night and we’ll see how reintroductions go tomorrow.

We also will begin riding all the horses tomorrow. We get to evaluate them and see how to line up the string. On saturday, all staff training begins, and the weekend after that starts our first session. 




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