Camp Adventures: Getting in Our Groove

It is (finally) a beautiful sunny afternoon here at camp. Samuel is napping, the second session is over, and my truck is loaded with dirty laundry. When Samuel wakes up, we’ll go to the laundromat to clean our mountain of rain-soaked, muddy clothes from a very wet week at camp, and then we’ll have all of Saturday and part of Sunday to relax before Session Three begins.

I can finally say that I feel like I’m finding my groove. The work is hard and long and neverending, but there are lots of laughs and smiles too. I have written far more incident reports than I thought I would, but nothing serious has happened. Mostly, we’ve had happy kids riding for hours on horses the one time of the year they get to do it. And it’s not just riding in the ring either. We take out at least two trail rides every day and these kids get to enjoy pine tree forests, deer, wetlands, and sandy dunes. It’s pretty cool, really. Especially when you realize that you are changing lives here. It’s in very small ways most of the time, but it is life changing none the less.

I have either adapted to the bugs, or they are reducing in number by small degrees. I hope it is the latter. Samuel continues to have the time of his little life. He goes swimming most days, rides horses as often as possible, and has been out boating too. He now fist bumps just about everyone here, and usually doesn’t cry when it’s time to go play with his sitters after breakfast. I cannot imagine a better summer for my little boy. It is also cool to look at all these young men here and realize that Samuel could grow up to be like them–awkward young men though they are, the are kind, caring individuals that model great life skills and morals. I can only hope Samuel will love the outdoors and service to others as much as these young counsilors do here. I think I’m giving him a good start down that road.

Here in these peaceful moments, I really appreciate this camp. I think it may be the first time I’ve really had the opportunity to soak it up and let it wash over me for all that it is. This is a place that people love. They come here year after year because it fills them up in some way, and I feel privelaged to be a part of that. The job gets easier every day. I am continually amazed by how much there is to this job, but it does get easier. And as it does, I can appreciate the program more and more in all the little ways.

Now, it is time for rest and relaxation. My horses are quiet in their pasture, thankful for the three day break they will receive. I will do nothing with them except check their water, hay, and health. On Sunday at approximately 3:30, it is back to the grind with Session 3!









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