Camp Adventures Part IV: Life Lessons

I want to start this post with two things:

1. I apologize for letting the tale of my adventures slack off for a time. I learned this summer that we cannot always dedicate the appropriate space telling a story as it should be told. In that realization, I held part four close to the vest until the time was ripe for its telling.

2. I would like to first share a video with you. An old proverb says that a picture is worth a thousand words. This video truly is the best testament to my summer; to my work, to my fun, to the lessons I learned. It was made by Camp Echo for Camp Echo, but it tells the story well. Please take a few minutes to watch it.


In the last chronicling of my adventures, I had found my groove. The work had become familiar and enjoyable, and I could appreciate the joy we gave the campers. Now, with the summer over and campers gone home to parents and school, I can say–to quote the camp director’s chosen tag line for 2014–“it was a summer like none other.” I did not realize in how many ways I would change lives this summer. Children just spending time with the horses brushing them, creating art on them, hugging them. Children conquering fears and riding new horses, going out on trot trail rides, or trying out a different riding style from the one they are familiar with. And in family camp, helping parents reconnect with horses, opening avenues for parents to be involved with horses year round when they thought that chapter in their life was over, giving parents options for their children to be around horses when they can’t afford traditional riding lessons. These things. These things were not even on my radar as ways I would affect lives. And these things? They were the best moments of the summer. My passion has been recharged, my horizons expanded, and my dreams enlarged. I guess summer camp did as much for me as it did for my campers.

Stay tuned for one more installment of Camp Adventures. I plan to reflect a bit more and share an epilogue with you, my dear readers.

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