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A lesson program should be about you and your horse. Whether you are a seasoned competitor, a long-time pleasure rider, or a brand new horse enthusiast you should be able to enjoy a program that helps you meet your goals and enjoy your horse. If this is what you’ve been searching for, search no more! I want to develop a custom lesson plan just for you and your horse. Only looking for occasional help with a specific issue? Let me show you some tips and tools to fix it! If you just want a little help keeping your rides interesting, I can put together a fun package for you (and your friends!) that is sure to make your saddle time enjoyable and refreshing. Competitors and more serious students can work with me to develop training goals and milestones, and I’m happy to provide coaching at shows.100_0628

If you are brand new to the horse world, I can help you learn the ropes. I have taught children, adults, and re-riders the basics of horse care, grooming, and horse handling for nearly two decades. You will receive one-on-one instruction for grooming, tacking, and cooling out your horse in addition to your riding lesson. Young children who may not be able to tolerate a full hour of riding benefit from this multifaceted lesson the most as they often enjoy the care of the horse as much as they enjoy the saddle time.

Do you enjoy 100_0667riding your horse but find that you have issues handling him on the ground or trailer loading her? I have been practicing natural horsemanship for 15 years with great success! I learned the value of ground work as a teenager when I owned an unruly, frightened horse that did not tolerate standard training methods. What began as a severe trailer loading problem turned in to a strong relationship through natural horsemanship. Since then I have honed those skills into my own NH method that I can share with you.

Western and English riders can both find a niche in my program. My focus on a balanced horse and balanced rider can benefit anyone. I aim to help all riders understand how they are affecting their horses and what they can do to bring out the best in their equine partner. You will learn about balance, rhythm, and feel in a safe and fun environment that has been tailored to your needs.


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