Caroline has been working with 2 of our horses for the past 4 months. She truly has a natural gift with handling all kinds of horses. The trainer I was using before found my young mare , 4 yrs. old, to be stubborn and would stand up when she pushed her. Caroline has never had any trouble with her.  She takes her time and really reads each horse’s needs and personality and gears their training accordingly.  I have never seen Caroline get angry or frustrated with a horse. She calmly works through every situation and is very positive. She is also very helpful when teaching me how to work with the mare.  My other horse is an older thoroughbred off the track. He went from winter turnout to an injury that kept him on stall rest for most of the summer.  He went back to work 4 weeks ago. He looked so skinny and homely. I went out to see him for the first time since Caroline has been working with him, and I couldn’t believe it was the same horse. In 4 weeks he had put on weight, his temperament was great, his coat looked great, he was much calmer and seemed sooooo happy. I really feel fortunate to have found Caroline Johnson for my horses!
   ~Liz Mathewson

I’m sixteen, and I’ve been taking lessons on and off with Caroline since I was ten years old. I received my very first horse on Christmas morning about three years ago, and the summer after I started taking lessons weekly with Caroline and have consistently done so ever since. I own a very temperamental Saddlebred Arabian that had horrible habits and no ground manners what so ever when I first purchased him. However, after three years of hard work with Caroline you would never have guessed that. From first hand experience, I can honestly say that Caroline is extremely educated in what she does and has an obvious passion for it. From the minute you step into the ring, until you’re cooling your horse down her full focus and attention is on you and she’s doing everything she can to help you be the best rider that you can be. Whatever your riding skills are, Caroline works to help you perfect them. She has a very unique style of teaching that I have found to be extremely beneficial for myself and my horse. She’s very accommodating of your needs, and though you are sometimes pushed out of your comfort zone, you are never forced. I’m extremely blessed to have her as a trainer, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is interested in a rich and fulfilling riding experience.
~Sarah Desautels

Caroline Johnson is my go-to horse professional. She is someone who’s opinions, ideas and experience I trust implicitly. She knows how to get you and your horse from point A to point B and gives you the confidence to get you there. Without Caroline, I would have never gotten to this level with my horse that I had only dreamed about, and now I have aspirations for more! She never gave up on me and my unconventional mount, nor did she ever once even say he was not perfect for the job. She just jumped in and started patching our holes and I appreciate someone who will never let breed or politics stand in the way. Something about Caroline that rings through is that she truly cares for her clients and most importantly, their horses. She shares in their success and works through their stumbling blocks- no matter how long it takes. She isn’t someone who rushes through anything and she wants small details to be just right before advancing. Caroline is extremely skilled at just barely pushing one out of their comfort zone for those “eureka!” moments- she is steadfast and hard hitting and her confidence in you is enough to tackle the next obstacle- which leads to confidence in yourself. She builds riding partnerships from the ground up and it shows in her solid results. I am extremely lucky to have such an amazing trainer guiding me through- without Caroline Johnson, I have no doubt my new-found successes would have never happened, and I thank her full-heartedly for that.
~Jennifer Wright

Caroline was instrumental in helping me achieve certification as a PATH International certified instructor.  I had ridden my entire childhood but had taken quite a long break before riding again.  Always positive and focused, she helped me find the skill, finesse and confidence I needed to pass my exams and be able to teach students with disabilities to ride.  As we worked through this process my 20+ year old quarter horse, Ted, and I developed a deeper bond, a better working relationship and he picked up skills I wasn’t sure he had.  I’ve seen her work with very skilled and beginning riders, finding ways to communicate and teach to the individual she is working with.  I would recommend Caroline for any age, any proficiency rider.

~Rachel Royston, PATH certified instructor at Agape


Caroline has a wonderful way with young & green horses. She instills a quite & confident foundation on which to build upon in any equine discipline you & your horse would pursue.
Caroline was invaluable in brokering the purchase of my mare. She was thorough, organized & honorable in all phases of our purchase agreement. I was most impressed with the emphasis that Caroline placed on doing what was in the best interest of the animal, providing full disclosure on my horses history. A level honesty & ethics that & found most refreshing.
As an instructor I consider Caroline to have excellent timing in coaching both horse & rider. You could not ask for better “eyes on the ground” to help you advance in your chosen equine discipline.
Caroline is an asset to any rider/horse she contracts to work with.
~Lesley Rutherford


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