I grew up wanting to be a horse trainer, or a poet, or a farmer. In my 30s, I find that I am all three.

I teach clients about the art of communicating with their horses, the biomechanics of working in harmony with them, and the patience required to access their natural talents. I work with horses in many different disciplines, though I most enjoy dressage, eventing, and foxhunting.

Putting pen to paper (or now, tapping out blogs on a keyboard) has always been comforting to me. I love word craft, and I hope I am capturing true snapshots of world around me. My journals, columns, and poems are less Christopher Moore and more Wendell Berry.

I am also passionate about agriculture–small, homestead, sustainable agriculture that grows in pots, repurposed water troughs, raised beds, and window boxes. I think chickens should aerate our lawns and marigolds should be our pesticides. I think goats can be useful for more than eating patio furniture. I monopolize the tools in our household, and I am obsessed with turning my backyard into a hobby farm.

In short, I smell of sweat, dirt, grass, leather, and horses. I live among the wild things, and sometimes I can even find the words to tell tales that will give justice to the beauty around me.

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